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About Wildwood

By Citizens, for Citizens
Area residents who wished to provide a blueprint for their own destiny, set by those who were most affected by local government decisions, created the City of Wildwood. This desire led to a five year incorporation effort created, led, and funded by residents only, with challenges throughout its existence.

The Missouri Supreme Court allowed the creators of this community to place the question of creating a new city before the residents of the unincorporated portion of St. Louis County, which was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. On September 1, 1995, Wildwood incorporated and the community began its journey to destiny.

Today, Wildwood continues that journey with one overarching goal: planning tomorrow today. The city created a planning process for all aspects of its government to ensure that its assets would be retained, so that future growth, development, and improvements would be preserved with the unique character of the community.

Mission Statement
The City of Wildwood is dedicated to government of, by and for the people whose active civic involvement and commitment to community life is the cornerstone of the city. Local representation shall be responsive, accountable and fiscally responsible in pursuit of the public interest while adhering to the highest ethical standards in all its dealings.

Vision Statement
Wildwood is about the bonds that link neighbors and neighborhoods into a cohesive community of caring, involved and dedicated citizens. Wildwood is also about a quality of life based upon careful stewardship of the magnificent natural environment, and ensuring that this legacy is passed on to future generations as a result of planned, responsible, sustainable growth through citizen and business partnerships that respect the natural qualities of the land.

Your Government

  1. Boards & Commissions

    Access information on all city boards, commissions, and committees.

  2. City Council

    View meeting information, browse through agendas and minutes, and meet the Wildwood City Council.

  3. Departments

    View city departments and learn about the services they provide to you.

  4. Mayor's Office

    Learn more about the mayor of Wildwood.

  5. Upcoming Public Hearings

  6. Staff Directory

  7. State Senators and Representatives

  8. Other Government Agencies and Services

    View a listing of other government agencies and providers that service the City of Wildwood and its' residents.

City Services

  1. Building Permits

    Stay up to date on the building permit process.

  2. City Licenses

    Get city licenses.

  3. Elections & Voting

    Stay involved in the voting and election process.

  4. Escrow Procedures

    Learn about escrow procedures in Wildwood.

  5. Services for Seniors

  6. Human Resources

    View available jobs and learn about the hiring process.

  7. Interactive Mapping

    View and download maps of the area.

  8. Liquor Licenses

    Learn how to get liquor licenses.

  9. Traffic Fines

    If you've accrued traffic fines, learn how you can pay them off.

  10. Special Event Permits

    Apply for permits for special events.

  11. Trustee Information

    If you're a trustee for a development, find information relative to you.

  12. Meridian Waste Services

    Access information on services provided by Meridian Waste Services.

  13. Street Maintenance

    Take a look at street maintenance services including general maintenance, snow removal, and tree trimming.

  14. Subdivision Procedures

  15. Public Works Permits

Business Resources

  1. Explore Wildwood

    Welcome to Wildwood! Explore the various city offerings.

  2. New Business Guide

    Ready to open a new business in Wildwood? Check out the New Business Guide for all you need to know about the Town Center, available commercial properties, permitting, licensing, and more.

  3. Business Directory

    Find local area businesses.

  4. Wildwood Business Connection Facebook Page

    Visit the Facebook Page for Wildwood Business Connection for current information regarding the Wildwood Business Community

  5. Business Organizations

    Take full advantage of the organizations in the City of Wildwood and the St. Louis Region to assist you in building a successful business.

  6. Economic Development Initiative

    View the current Mission Statement for the Economic Development Initiative.



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